Various Artists - Deadpool Reloaded (More Music From the Motion Picture)

Various Artists - Deadpool Reloaded (More Music From the Motion Picture)


Blending boisterous comic-book-film satire—Teamheadkick’s bratty party rap “Merc with a Mouth” and Brentwood Duo’s cheeky acoustic cover of their “Deadpool Rap”—with brooding bits of the original score by Junkie XL, this secondary pack of tunes from the Marvel antihero film delivers the same genre-bending wallops as the flick itself. A pair of “Twelve Bullets” remixes, all distorted drums and fast edit breaks, vividly evokes the dark yet comedic tropes that make Deadpool stand out from the superhero pack.

01 Merc with a Mouth.m4a Teamheadkick
02 Fear the T-Rex.m4a Teamheadkick
03 Because I Want To.m4a Teamheadkick
04 Mister Sandman.m4a The Chordettes
05 Same Mistakes.m4a Teamheadkick
06 The Boys Are Back.m4a Teamheadkick
07 Maximum Effort (Night Club Remix).m4a Teamheadkick
08 Twelve Bullets (El Huervo Remix).m4a Teamheadkick
09 You're the Inspiration.m4a Chicago
10 Deadpool Rap (Brown Pants EDM Mix.m4a Teamheadkick
11 Twelve Bullets (Kreng Remix).m4a Teamheadkick
12 Deadpool Rap (Acoustic Version).m4a Teamheadkick
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