Tyler Bates - Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 (Original Score)

Tyler Bates - Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 (Original Score)


Though the musical heart of the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel is its stellar mix of ’70s pop-rock (Awesome Mix, Vol. 2), the movie has a terrific orchestral score too. Written by Tyler Bates (who also scored the film’s first chapter), the cues here—like the movie itself—range from the thunderous and heroic (“Ego,” “Gods,” “vs. the Abilisk”) to the surprisingly tender (“Sisters,” “A Total Hasselhoff”).

01 Showtime a-Holes.m4a
02 vs. the Abilisk.m4a
03 The Mantis Touch.m4a
04 Space Chase.m4a
05 Family History.m4a
06 Groot Expectations.m4a
07 Mammalian Bodies.m4a
08 Starhawk.m4a
09 Two-Time-Galaxy Savers.m4a
10 I Know Who You Are.m4a
11 Ego.m4a
12 Kraglin and Drax.m4a
13 The Expansion.m4a
14 Mary Poppins and the Rat.m4a
15 Gods.m4a
16 Dad.m4a
17 A Total Hasselhoff.m4a
18 Sisters.m4a
19 Guardians of the Frickin' Galaxy.m4a
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