Fumio Hayasaka - The Seven Samurai (Original Film Soundtrack)

Fumio Hayasaka - The Seven Samurai (Original Film Soundtrack)

類型: 原聲帶, 音樂, 原聲帶
發行日期: 2001
℗ River Records Ltd. 2014


01 The Seven Samurai Main Title (Fro.m4a
02 To the Little Watermill (From _th.m4a
03 Samurai Search (From _the Seven S.m4a
04 Kanbei & Katsushiro - Kikuchiyo's.m4a
05 Rikichi's Tears - White Rice (Fro.m4a
06 Two Search for Samurai (From _the.m4a
07 Six Samurai (From _the Seven Samu.m4a
08 Extraordinary Man (From _the Seve.m4a
09 Morning Departure (From _the Seve.m4a
10 Wild Warrior's Coming (From _the.m4a
11 Seven Men Completed (From _the Se.m4a
12 Katsushiro & Shino (From _the Sev.m4a
13 Katsushiro Come Back (From _the S.m4a
14 In the Forest of the Water God (F.m4a
15 Wheat Field (From _the Seven Samu.m4a
16 Interlude (From _the Seven Samura.m4a
17 Harvesting (From _the Seven Samur.m4a
18 Rikichi's Trouble (From _the Seve.m4a
19 Heihachi & Rikichi (From _the Sev.m4a
20 Farm Village Scenery (From _the S.m4a
21 Weak Insects into Samurai Ways (F.m4a
22 Foreboding of Bandits (From _the.m4a
23 Flag (From _the Seven Samurai_).m4a
24 Sudden Confrontation (From _the S.m4a
25 Magnificent Samurai (From _the Se.m4a
26 Kikuchiyo Rises to the Occasion (.m4a
27 Tryst (From _the Seven Samurai_).m4a
28 Manzo & Shino (From _the Seven Sa.m4a
29 Rice Planting Song (From _the Sev.m4a
30 Seven Samurai Ending (From _the S.m4a
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